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Ziff brings innovation into your life!

We are a Technology Service provider and System Integrations Company offering Solution in Real Estate, Transportation, Education, and Healthcare sectors. We also Provide Solutions for SMB’s, Small office and Home Office, Homes and Consumer Products.


Ziff is a solutions provider with a focus on IOT & Smart Technology solutions. Ziff is the provider of innovative  communications products and services, with a specific focus on smart solutions and innovative products.


1. Return on investment
2. Roll out the new service model faster
3. Easy, Simple and Secure Technologies
4. New Business opportunities
5. Machine to Machine end to end products
6. Scalability and Flexibility

Wireless IP Camera/NVR

We provide Wireless IP Camera and NVR bundle for 4 Channel and 8 Channel Products and Solutions. Designed for superior image quality, remote accessibility, High video capabilities, easy installation without any hassles of wires and ease of integration, and better scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


ATM/POS Solutions

We understand that Machine to Machine communication is complex and requires 99.999 uptime for ATM machines. ZiFF Provides 4G solutions to Banking ATM machines, Vending machines, Self-service terminal and kiosk with support of Primary and Secondary link capabilities to avoid single point of fail over. This gives max uptime.


Car WiFi Systems

Ziff gives you the power to turn any car into a connected car or WiFi on Wheels or WiFi Internet Car. If you stream music in the car or have kids streaming games and movies, you don’t have to worry about consuming individual Mobile data. Of if you are connected to your Workspace or Company network then get the seamless connectivity and internet access.


Intelligent Transportation

At ZiFF, we provide highway and transit agencies with creative and innovative solutions of leading-edge information and communication technologies used in transportation and traffic management systems to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of transportation networks, to reduce traffic congestion and to enhance drivers’ experiences.


Bus Wifi Systems

From taxis, minibuses and buses through to the largest touring coaches, Ziff WiFi technology provides full-featured and powerful WiFi connectivity for any size passenger vehicle.


Smart Grid

At ZiFF we provide services and solutions to support the development and implementation of advanced metering solutions that enable electricity and utility operators to perform intelligent analysis and management of electricity services.


Introducing the first time in India,

Ziff car & bus Wi-Fi technology provides full-featured and powerful Wi-Fi connectivity for any size passenger vehicle. Our car & bus Wi-Fi systems are designed to be simple and cost-effective. So you can get high-performance vehicle Wi-Fi systems on your vehicles quickly and easily.

Are you ready for the Digital Revolution?

At Ziff, we are passionate about the transformative power of advanced manufacturing and Digital Technologies. Our goal is to enable digital and technology transformation for industry and household use and thus bring about change in the world that can affect lives positively.

Smart & Innovative Tech
Harness Green Renewable Energy
Transform Industry

Top FAQs Answered

Is ZiFF a new Startup

or an existing company?

ZiFF is an existing company that started in 2012 with its first service of Eat365days online food ordering portal. Then in 2017 ZiFF launched its new innovative solutions. The people at  ZiFF are industry experts having more than 18 years of experience at various leading OEM companies such as Cisco, Huawei, 3Com and other telecom leaders.

What are the other products

and services of ZiFF?

ZiFF eServe Pvt. Ltd. has various business verticals. In that Ziff Retail is for innovative consumer products. Mylove by Farea is for online E-Commerce sales and Eat365days is upcoming online food ordering portal.

How do I contact ZiFF’s


We have provided a variety of ways to connect our executives for your help and providing services. You can write to us or contact via chat. We are just one call away.

How do I partner

With ZiFF?

There are multiple levels of solution partners which involves the product knowledge, solution understanding and technical expertise.To understand the different levels please get in touch with ZiFF Channel Managers.

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