About Us

Zebra Pictures

The Zebra International Film Festival is an annual film festival organized by the zebra pictures. It takes place each May at Lonavala City in India. It includes competitive categories, includes documentary and short films in which awards are given.

Zebra International Film Festival gives great opportunities to explore dreams of becoming a filmmaker to new fresh talents. It is a great outlet for young artists to express themselves to the world.

The goal of the festival was to showcase World-made films, highlight the potential of independent film, and increase visibility for filmmaking in India. The main focus of the event was to conduct a competition for independent films. The festival also highlighted the work of regional filmmakers. The Festival charms the best films, renowned directors, technicians and spectators from across the globe.

Our Mission

Our beginning

The Zebra International Film Festival was started in 2017 by filmmaker Sanjay Golapkar & Ganesh-Suresh to provide a platform to short filmmakers. Seeking out the best in international cinema, the Festival has opened windows to a world of film previously.

Our Mission

Zebra International Film Festival dedicated to fostering better communication between people of diverse cultures through the art of film and the moving image. We serve India’s diverse and under-served citizenry by providing access to world-class cinema. We aim to enrich India’s cultural environment by presenting film in contexts that encourage discussion and debate.

To connect, educate and engage audiences with the creative industry by supporting artists and providing a platform for their work.